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אביב מזרקות ומערכות מים

About us

The “Aviv” Company, which was founded in 1985, specializes in the field of water engineering projects. The company offers the following services:

-Planning water systems

-Consultations to companies and architects in the field of water projects.

- Building and maintenance of water fountains and waterfalls.


The company works with a wide spectrum of professionals – architects,

engineers, advisors and workers who implement the plans and build the projects. This combination allows for the completion of projects quickly, professionally and at a low cost. The professional staff accompanies

the project from the early stages of planning through the completion

of the project.


“Aviv” is the exclusive representative of the” Premier” Company,

one of the leading manufacturers of musical fountains in the world.

Furthermore, the company has knowledge exchange agreements with

leading companies abroad in the field of computerized water systems utilizing advanced technologies.


Great emphasis is placed on water systems utilizing underwater lighting

in a variety of colors and incorporating organ lights, special nozzles and electrical systems which allow for water displays

of different heights and shapes.


The materials utilized by the company are of the highest quality and

have received the Israeli  consumer seal of approval   תן תקן


Our finished projects can be viewed in central locations throughout the country - in city squares, parks, gardens, scenic areas, catering halls and gardens and the list goes on and on…

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